what to do if you can't recover your gmail id?

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what to do if you can't recover your gmail id?

Postby lillywalker1 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:42 am

1.Sign in to My Account.
2.Under "Sign-in & security," select Signing into Google.
3.Choose Password. If you see a prompt to sign in again, sign in.
4.Enter your new password, then select Change Password.
Other alternate method is user can contact this number 10800-069-8572 for Gmail Customer Service
Gmail Helpline
How can I stop Gmail from clipping messages?

Gmail clipping should be avoided because it hides the tracking code for open rates. This implies that you will be unable to know the accurate open rates for your campaigns. Secondly, the clipped email violates the CAN-SPAM Act as the Unsubscribe link gets blocked out, leading to deliverability issues.

Follow the below 10 tips to stop Gmail clipping:

1. Keep in mind the 102 kB limit while coding emails.

2. Avoid using unnecessary attributes and styles or formatting code like double spaces, line breaks, and tabs.

3. Choose minimalistic email design.

4. Try using padding for gutters instead of using <td> tags tto reduce help reducing the weight by some amount, provided content is less.

5. Try to revamp your design with most of the content built using single cell rather than multiple cells. Mostly nested tables increase the line of code so if we can avoid more cells per row (or more columns per row), it will help reducing line of the code and thus weight of HTML.

6. Images per se do not add to the file size, but if you remove an unnecessary image, it might remove the corresponding codes and help you in reducing the size.

7. Limit the message of your email to one.

8. Don’t copy and paste content from a website or word-processing program. You might not be aware but it adds extra formatting code to emails.

9. Have a “View in Browser” link at the top of the email.

10. Do not use shortened URLs

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Re: what to do if you can't recover your gmail id?

Postby adamcole » Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:11 am

It is really very simple to recover your gmail id in reality. I have done it with my 2 accounts and google is very much friendly in guiding what to do. One was my personal account and the other was my cheap assignment writing service account which was very essential to me as it was my company's account.

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Re: what to do if you can't recover your gmail id?

Postby ayajel » Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:29 am

Indeed, It would know which email benefit that you require help with. In any case, under investigating, and Yahoo! has an I overlooked my ID catch to push. Gmail has slimmer and you simply go I can't get to my record and it ought to be an afterthought. Msn has something comparative as well, Write My Assignment, (I figure) I don't know about numerous different messages (Since I don't have them) yet I do realize that most places have approaches to help.

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