Ping Pong target practice buynfl18coins

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Ping Pong target practice buynfl18coins

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Ping Pong target practice @upandgoauA video posted by matthewdelly (@matthewdelly) on Mar 6, 2016 at 7:25pm PSTMatthew Dellavedova is the NBA's answer to Forrest Gump in the ping pong world. Full credit to Delly -- this is some mighty fine shooting. We could analyze his form or technique, perhaps discuss his paddling prowess, but we buynfl18coins need to talk about his targets.

These are "Up and Go," Australia's answer to the Ensure, or similar meal replacement drink. Delly has so many of them that they are his targets for his ping pong video. Delly's house is FULL of Up and Go drinks. Look under his table: There are at least 30 cases of them.Does this mean Delly stockpiles Up and Go for the entire year?

It turns out he has a marketing agreement with the drink, so he probably gets them for free -- but still ... that's a lot. Here is an ad for Up and Go that I am including for no particular reason.This two handed reverse windmill dunk is so good it needed its own hype man -

NEW Dunk: @jordankilganon with the 2 hand reverse windmill Krown. #dunk #bouncekit RP: @bouncekitA video posted by @hoopmixtape on Mar 6, 2016 at 7:16pm PSTIf this guy looks familiar, that's because he's the guy whostole the show at the NBA All-Star Game.But seriously, what even is this dunk? It's like Vince Carter's famous dunk but on steroids.Amazing!* * *Defying Age: Vince Carter dunks through the years NBA scores 2016: Every loss makes the Celtics wiser and hungrier and 3 other things we learned -

Every game the Celtics play against a contender seems like a test to determine if they are as good as Madden Mobile Coins their record says they are, if they will actually be a threat in the playoffs. Their lack of star power is a rarity among the best teams in the league, so their success is unexpected, even though they have a talented roster.

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